Architecture and Interiors
I'm Morris, and I have been photographing architecture and interiors since I began in photography, more than 20 years ago. Though I have also photographed products, landscapes and portraits over the years, architecture and interiors have always been my passion. I love spaces, I love homes, I love architecture, and I love good design. Spaces are like works of art that you can walk through, and each angle, each vantage point is like a new artwork. I try to build on the designer's art and show each space at it's best. Every space requires different lighting, different techniques, and different post processing on the computer, which is sometimes where the real magic happens!

I am friendly and easy to work with. I listen to my client's needs. I want to make your portfolio look as good as possible, so you have a strong presentation for new clients. I have been published in many magazines and several books over the years, and I continue try to get new projects published. I love working with new clients and seeing their new perspectives on design. I hope we can work together.

My office is in Brooklyn, NY. I work in the New York, New Jersey area, but I have also done shoots out of state and internationally.